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Best known habitat for breeding of Sarus Cranes species.

Supports all species of storks.

Saman Bird Sanctuary was set up in 1990 to protect the Sarus Cranes in the wetland areas of Etawah and Mainpuri District of U.P.

The Sanctuary  is spread over 526 hectares out of which 290 hectares are natural wetland, the rest being grassland. The Saman Bird Sanctuary is one of the best nesting sites for Sarus Cranes and offers sanctuary to more than 100 of them as per the census data of 1999. Besides the cranes Saman also attracts storks and several migrant bird species in the winter months.

Where to stay:- Forest Rest House, Etwah
Photographs courtesy..
Sarus Crane - K.K Singh I.F.S