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Nearest bird sanctuary to New Delhi.

Attracts a variety of residents and migratory

The diversity and abundance of wildlife in our country is a valuable national asset. The flocking of both resident and migratory birds around the many lakes here during the winters attracts a lot of attention. These birds play a vital role in maintaining the overall ecological balance.

The Okhla Bird Sanctuary is situated in Gautam Budh Nagar in the middle of the Okhla Vihar and Barrage upon the river Yamuna in New Delhi. In order to conserve the numerous resident and migratory birds found here and also to develop it keeping in view the tourist inflow, this area was declared the Okhla Bird Sanctuary in 1990. Towards the south of this sanctuary lies Kalindi Kunj which is another appealing spot.


Among the  311 species of birds found in the Okhla Bird Sanctuary, more than 50% are winter migrants that come from Tibet, Europe and Siberia.
Soon after the arrival of the winter season in November the arrival of migratory birds starts and with the onset of the summers around March, these visitor birds start flying back off to their own land.



Several migratory birds visit the sanctuary in large numbers in winter, with the most common being the Northern Shoveller - Anas clypeata and Gadwall - Anas strepera. The Northern Pintail - Anas acuta and Ruddy Shelduck - Tadorna ferruginea. Rare migratory birds like the Gargancy - Anas querquedula, Common Shelduck - Tadorna tadorna, Comb Duck - Sarkiodirnis melanotos are also seen occasionally. Other common species include the Common Teal - Anas crecca, Tufted Duck - Aythya Fuligula, Common Pochard - Aythya Ferin, Greylag Goose - Anser anser and Bar-headed Goose - Anser indicus. The resident Spot-billed Duck - Anas poecilorhyncha is abundant. There are several other birds species like mynas, dongos, babblers, francolins, peafowl, bee-eaters etc which can be easily spotted along the bund.


Other Animals

The place abounds in fish like katla, rohu, mrigal, channa. Singhada etc. There are mammals like neelgais, jackals, mongooses, rats & mice along with reptiles like turtles, tortoises, geckos, monitor lizards, garden lizards, rat snakes, vie snake, water snake & amphibians like common toad, pond frog etc.

Where to stay:- Forests rest house - Okhla